11th November - 19th December 2020

BLS Poetry Competition


The British-Luxembourg Society
Poetry Competition

Some years ago, the British Luxembourg Society held popular quizzes and we decided to revive this competitive spirit in the form of a Poetry Competition.

The poems were a outstanding response to this idea and your video recordings were very special.
As judge Marilyn Clark expressed it, they ……. "come from the heart".

A special thank you to the five children who took part in the Junior Category - their talented contributions speak for themselves.

The poems were read and viewed by two judges, Marilyn Clark, BLS member, and Chris Atkinson, a Vice President of BLS (Education).

We decided that the entries were so good that they all deserved prizes and diplomas, with five "main" prizes in the following categories: Native Speaker, non-Native Speaker, special Presentation Prize and Junior (13 and under).

The texts of the poems are available here - I'm sure that you will agree with the judges.


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28th September 2020

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The British-Luxembourg Society
together with the Oxford University Society of Luxembourg, the Cambridge Society of Luxembourg and the LSE Alumni Society of Luxembourg invite you to watch the recording of the lecture by

Prof. Dr Catherine Léglu
Vice-Rector for academic affairs, of the University of Luxembourg

On the subject of
The University of Luxembourg and its future plans

Live streamed from the Residence of the British Ambassador on 28th September 2020



On Monday September 28, while other BLS members were attending the lecture by Mme Léglu 'The University of Luxembourg and its future plans', eight courageous members of the BLS English Literature class attended an excellent but very rainy performance of TNT theatre Britain’s production of Othello at Beaufort Castle.

Hz CT 2020 Othello Beaufort 270x300Directed by Paul Stebbings
Musical score by Thomas Johnson
Producer Grantly Marshall

OTHELLO is Shakespeare’s most perfect play, a masterpiece of dramatic construction. OTHELLO is a thriller, a love story, a tragedy and an exploration of race, prejudice, power, war and human folly. OTHELLO was written by Shakespeare at the height of his powers, its poetry is finer than HAMLET, its psychology deeper than MACBETH, its love story more compelling than ROMEO AND JULIET, its heartbreaking tragedy more moving than KING LEAR. OTHELLO might be the finest play ever written. 


The organisers generously gave us cups of delicious sausage soup which helped enormously


At the end, the actors applauded the audience for staying on in spite of the rain!


Photos by Bo Madecka and Montse Alvarez
Othello 4

18th September 2019

The annual British-Luxembourg Society party was held at the Residence of H.E. the British Ambassador, on Wednesday, 18th of September 2019.
London bus (click for slideshow)
As last year, a London bus service to and from the Residence was provided leaving from Place Glacis.

trioMusical entertainment was provided by the Edith van den Heuvel Trio (Edith van den Heuvel - voice, Paulo Simoes - guitar, Vedran Mutic - bass) who will play a mix of jazz classics, bossa nova and some pop songs.
We thank Wilson Associates for their generous sponsorship
of the London Bus Service and the Music.
Wilson Associates