Luxembourg Young Artists
Opera Concerts

First edition performed by singers from the

Royal Academy of Music, London


Thursday 9th July 2020
& Friday 10th July 2020, 19:30
at the Banque de Luxembourg

Join us for an evening of opera performed by students from the Royal Academy of Music, one of London's most prestigious conservatories.
Followed by a reception in the parvis & garden of the Banque de Luxembourg.

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With the generous support of

Organising Committee

Francis Carpenter
Marilyn Clark
David Clark
Alexander Gebhard*
Gerd Gebhard
Douce Loutsch

*Young Artist project devised in collaboration with 
Alexander Gebhard as part of his studies
at the Royal Academy of Music. 

(Bourse Michelle Award 2018-19 
organisé par le Fonds Culturel National)