The British-Luxembourg Society
Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Lectures

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Over the years we have had the privilege to host this annual event and invite a series of eminent speakers from the British political, economic or cultural world. 

Past speakers have included: The Rt. Hon. Baroness Thatcher, former British Prime Minister; The Rt. Hon. Lord Kinnock, former Vice-President of the European Commission; The Rt. Hon. Lord George, former Governor of the Bank of England; The Rt. Hon. Lord Hurd of Westwell, former British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; and The Rt. Hon. Lord Patten of Barnes, former European Commissioner for External Relations, last Governor of Hong Kong and Chancellor of Oxford University.

The speakers gave a lecture on their topic of choice, generally but not always a European theme.


20th November 2023 – with Baroness Hale.

Baroness Hale is an inspiration and many cite her as a legend after publishing her book Spider-Woman
BLS lady Hale

As ‘a little girl from a little school in a little village in North Yorkshire', she only went into the law because her headteacher told her she wasn't clever enough to study history.

She became the most senior judge in the Country. 



(Photo Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)